Ms Better Bitters Miraculous Foamer


One of our favorite bartender secrets:

It’s function is to foam, not to flavour. Great in any classic foaming cocktail or in your original foaming creation!




Each bottle of this vegan foamer contains the equivalent of over 100 egg-whites.  Trusted by Ladies of Libation as a vegan option in our cocktail programs. This Miraculous Foamer creates dependable luxurious froth with a 100% natural and vegan formulation. Even better, it doesn’t smell like eggs and the result is creamier, without altering the taste of the cocktail.

Step 1: Add a third of a dropper (approx 3ml) to your cocktail and dry shake (without ice).

Step 2: Add ice, hard shake and strain.

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“Thank you for bringing your magical mixology to our launch party!!"

“The party was unique, and the presentation was top notch. The cocktail was beyond delicious."

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