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We met many years ago when Laurie led a highly innovative beverage program, and Kris was looking to step back behind a bar a few nights a week. Our meeting sparked an immediate creative chemistry that would further shape our future endeavors. Despite pursuing separate career paths, fate brought us back together under the umbrella of Ladies of Libation. Initially, our shared love for philanthropy led us to engage in a philanthropic venture for our favorite non-profit organizations, fueling our desire to make a positive impact in our community.

We own and operate Ladies of Libation, where we have developed a reputation for creating highly successful bar and restaurant concepts.

Kris + Laurie

Through numerous successful pop-up events and taking a bold leap-of-faith, we realized our dream of launching Ladies of Libation as a full-time venture in 2018. Since then, we have continued to thrive, delivering exceptional experiences to our clients and making our mark in the dynamic world of bars and restaurants.

Ladies of Libation stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and philanthropy. We thrive on making everything appear effortless to the guests who enjoy our creative cocktail offerings and programs. Through Ladies of Libation, we continue to learn, improve, and inspire others, creating extraordinary experiences that redefine the standard of service and hospitality.



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Hailing from East Texas, Kris comes from a family renowned worldwide in the SCUBA diving industry.

Ironically with one foot always in the water, her journey into the world of bartending began during her college years when she started working at the local watering hole. It was love at first pour.

With over 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, she’s traversed a diverse range of establishments, from ice houses, and boutique hotel programs to chef-driven restaurants she has loved them all. While building these programs she excelled in her talents for beverage competitions and took home the win for many large spirit houses. Yet, her heart and passion lie in ground-up projects where she can contribute to shaping the identity of a venue while witnessing the surrounding aesthetics and design fall seamlessly into place. Her forte lies in lightning-fast service and excelling in high-volume environments. However, like many food and beverage industry veterans, she shelved her tins and took a hiatus from the bar scene to explore life back in the water. During her hiatus she had the opportunity to work at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab as a SCUBA Diver in NASA's astronaut training program. There, she not only honed my diving skills but also worked as an educator and assessor in the program for offshore oil safety candidates. But no matter where life took her, the dry land always beckoned, and she found herself returning to the world of beverages after nearly three years.

While on break she found that she missed the world behind the bar and started moonlighting at the fanciest spot she could find. When news broke that she had returned to an industry she loved she was provided with the exciting opportunity to jump into working for a brand again.

She brings extensive experience from the brand side, having worked as both a brand educator for Cointreau and a Market Manager for Deep Eddy Vodka. This unique perspective has allowed her to understand the intricacies of the delicate yet essential relationship between buyers, suppliers, and distributors.

Passionate about education in all aspects of her life, she effortlessly transferred her SCUBA Instructor educational background to the beverage industry. She finds great fulfillment in diving into advanced spirit education and providing fundamental knowledge training for bar teams.

If she isn’t working, she is traveling the world with her husband drinking a rotating selection of the finest frozen beverages served with banana dolphins. When she’s at home she is cuddling with her wolf pack named after some of her favorite back bar bottles (Whiskey, Mezcal, The Captain, and a kitten named Campari).

Laurie Harvey is the founder of Ladies of Libation, a full-scale bar and restaurant consulting and luxury event business.

Laurie's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. After college, she caught the hospitality bug while working as a corporate trainer for a large restaurant group. Following a brief stint as an ER nurse, Laurie's move to Nevada saw her founding a banked track roller derby league, revealing her multi-faceted passions. However, her calling to the hospitality world persisted, leading her from divey roller derby bars to the heights of fine dining establishments, showcasing her comprehensive experience in bar service.

Her journey soon brought her back to the Lone Star State, where Laurie left her mark on Houston's culinary scene, collaborating with top chefs and honing her knack for crafting exquisite, chef-driven cocktails. Her dedication, innovation, and numerous accolades swiftly propelled her to the forefront of Houston's vibrant beverage landscape.

Laurie's influence extends far beyond her own accomplishments. Notably, she has led some of Houston's most award-winning and buzz-worthy beverage programs, an achievement that solidified her status as a trailblazer in the industry. Her commitment to training and mentoring the next generation of bar and hospitality stars underlines her passion for the growth of the field she holds dear.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Laurie finds joy in indulging in fancy champagne and treasuring moments with her husband and adult daughters. Remarkably, her family members are also standouts in Houston's hospitality scene, underscoring the legacy of excellence that runs through their shared experiences




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