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Welcome to Ladies of Libation, the catalyst behind extraordinary success stories. Our press-worthy, award-winning clients consistently rank at the top in state liquor reports across all genres. We take pride in using our 40+ years of experience to tailor bespoke programs propelling our featured establishments to the forefront of the industry.

It is our pleasure to help further develop the identity and aesthetic by creating tailored beverage programs and signature cocktail menus. We take great pride in training the future leaders of the beverage industry through mentorship, creative programming, beverage operations and management.

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Ladies of Libation stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and philanthropy. We thrive on making everything appear effortless to the guests who enjoy our creative cocktail event offerings and consultation programs. 

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Our unrivaled expertise and proven strategies drive results, increase profitability, optimize operations and captivate your audience.

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